Sunday School

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Ablaze ACYC 2014

Ablaze Ahmedabad Christian Youth Convention 2014 Book your dates: 02 and 03 October 2014 Venue: Ahmedabad Worship Team: Praneet Calvin and Team, Mumbai Speaker: Pastor Shibu Mathai, Delhi

Bible Study & Intercession

Every Saturday we have intercession prayer meeting combined with Bible Study at 8 pm IST. The meeting is conducted mainly in Hindi and Malayalam.

Cottage Meeting at Bro T K Roy

Cottage Meeting will be held at Bro T K Roy’s new residence

Cotatge Meeting of Bro Deepak Bhai

Cotatge Meeting of Bro Deepak Bhai and family, will be held in church premises

Bro Aju Thomas Cottage Meeting

Bro Aju Thomas Cottage Meeting will be held in church premises

Pastor And family Cottage Meeting


We have all seen a three-legged race before. Chances are, we have even participated in one, considering it is such a popular game at community picnics and school events. It involves two participants running to complete a short race with the left leg of one runner strapped to the right leg of another runner. The aim is for the partners to run together without falling over, and beat the other…Keep Reading

Does Faith Speak? – It definitely does!

When we think of this word called “Faith”, usually all of us think that it has to do with “believing”. Is believing just enough? Does the Bible also have the same meaning for Faith? Do you think beliefs would alone bring the results we need? James 2:26 says, “Faith without work is dead”. Work, here could involve “to say”, “to speak”, or “to do”. Jesus didn’t say, “For whosoever believes.”…Keep Reading


Human beings are subjected to transformation from their birth to death. This process slowly starts and grows upward in the first part and in the second part goes downward. Up to forty years of life we are full of vigour and vitality and then full of weakness and deterioration in our body. For those who have been born again the transformation takes place in the spirit and continues till we…Keep Reading