Human beings are subjected to transformation from their birth to death. This process slowly starts and grows upward in the first part and in the second part goes downward. Up to forty years of life we are full of vigour and vitality and then full of weakness and deterioration in our body. For those who have been born again the transformation takes place in the spirit and continues till we become like Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul exhorts in Romans 12:2 – Do not conformed to the pattern of the world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

A Living Sacrifice

This transformation takes place when we present our body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. Even without surrendering our body  we can offer sacrifices like singing,  praising, playing music, praying and preaching to show others and get applause or for personal benefits. But in order to please our God we have to offer our body as a living sacrifice. Not offering just any sacrifice or a dead sacrifice.

Renewing Our Mind

Our mind plays an important role in our Christian lives. It is in our mind that some of our fiercest spiritual warfare takes place. Even the stalwart reformer Martin Luther experienced victories and defeats in his thought life. We are not the first persons to wrestle with spiritual conflicts.

But the challenge of bringing every thought in to the captivity of Christ is an especially difficult one today. Our minds are bombarded by conflicting messages coming to us through diverse media – television, radio, films, records, prints etc. Sometimes we notice the devastating effect upon our minds only after months and years have passed.

I remember the incident of the World Trade Center attack. Within moments the high rise building was brought down by the enemies of that country. In the same way our enemy can bombard our spiritual life with a few evil thoughts and may bring it to  zero ,ground level. Again we have to take all the pain and struggle to build up our spiritual life to its required heights through renewal of our mind with the help of the Word of God and Holy Spirit. The final success is of God and His children and not of devil.

Turning Point – Burning Point

The name of this newsletter is fitting with this context. It shows the deep desire to be ablaze. God wants us to shine in this dark world with the help of Holy Spirit.

We have to have a turning point to remember that when we have turned back to God fully. This helps us check with our spiritual life everyday whether we have deviated from our path or from the presence of God. A sinner has to turn around to God through repentance according to Acts 3:19 – Turning away from sin and turning towards God. Sometimes we turn back from the presence of God even though it is not fully. Sometimes it is 45 degrees or even 90 degrees. As soon as we come back to His presence with tears and confession God helps us to be ablaze.

Burning Point – Winning Point

Soul winning makes a child of God to be ablaze for God. As it is written in Daniel 12:3, Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of heavens and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. The heroes of this world shone in this world and finished for ever but the righteous will shine forever and ever. Let us have a winning life in our personal life and soul winning desire so that we will ablaze for God in this world as well as in the eternity. May the readers be blessed and ablaze for God.


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