In times of temptations, In times of trouble,

In times of depression, In times of suppression,

In times of persecution, In times of submission,

Do I know you there? Do I know what I need to choose? What is that I have to do?

Where is that I can look to? Have I turned against you?

Or should I stand for you….

Several decisions are pretty tight; Help me choose that which is RIGHT….

A great Gospel speaker once said that “if you don’t know to take a stand now to choose what is right, you’d never know when to take a stand again to choose that is right”.

In the Bible there was a woman who took a stand when she knew she had to. That woman is Ruth. I truly admire her. She possessed great qualities of submission, of love and above all taking that one stand and choosing that one right thing which led to a great revolution. Naomi lost everything – her land, her husband, her sons; she only had her daughter-in-laws by her side. She even wanted her daughter-in-laws to leave her and start a new life. Orpah left, but Ruth clung to her. The situation was bad, there was nothing left. At that moment, Ruth spoke. She took a stand. She knew she would have nothing to start with but had to choose.

Right then, Right there.

I really don’t think it was easy for her. Had we been in that position, we would not have done what she did. She didn’t think about the worries of tomorrow.

A widow, who could have easily gone and married again leaving her

mother-in-law Naomi to look after herself, she could have been with

her people, her land, and her folks. She proved to be a righteous,

virtuous and selfless woman.  She replied to her mother-in- law

Naomi, “Don’t urge me to leave you or turn back from you.

Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people will

be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there

I will be buried (Ruth 1: 16-17).

Oh! What an amazing choice. She didn’t turn back; she did not have lot of options. She was determined. She knew that this is what she wanted at that moment. She chose what RIGHT was for her and her generation.

Many a times, we also have come across such situations wherein we had to take a stand and choose the best. The world we now live in has a lot of options – options that lead to temptations, options that lead to trouble, and options that lead to a good, spiritual life.

What do we chose? Is it easy at all times to stand for that one right thing and choose that one right thing?  Are we lost? Do we know whom to turn to in such times?

A ‘moral life’ and an ‘ethical Christian life’ sound good, but are they that easy to choose in this ever tempting world.  At our schools, our colleges, at our work places we may have gone through such phases. Were we able to decide and choose the right thing? Ask yourself. Is it difficult?

If it is, then let us turn to that one person, the Almighty, who can help us with perfect wisdom, knowledge and understanding to decide what is good for us and to choose that what is right.


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