Does Faith Speak? – It definitely does!

When we think of this word called “Faith”, usually all of us think that it has to do with “believing”. Is believing just enough? Does the Bible also have the same meaning for Faith? Do you think beliefs would alone bring the results we need? James 2:26 says, “Faith without work is dead”. Work, here could involve “to say”, “to speak”, or “to do”. Jesus didn’t say, “For whosoever believes.” He said, “For whosoever shall SAY”. If you want to remove or disqualify yourself from receiving, then just “say” nothing because faith only works for those who are willing to speak… “Say unto this mountain.”

When we define Faith as “To Say”, we do not speak just anything. We need to say “the Word of God”. Every time Jesus replied to the Satan in the wilderness, he said, “It is written… it is written… it is written.” If Lord Jesus needed to use the Word to defeat the enemy, wouldn’t it only seem logical we would need the same weapon? God’s Word is a weapon against any situation. It is supposed to be in our mouths, all the time.

One such incident from the Bible which proves that Faith speaks is, when the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they went through many hardships in the desert. One of these hardships was they ran out of water. The first time this happened Moses went to God for help. The Lord instructed him to strike the rock, and water would flow from it. Moses did as he was commanded, and water flowed from rock- not just a little, but enough water to fill the millions of thirsty people and all the animals too, so they could continue their journey.

The second time they ran out of water, God didn’t tell Moses to strike the rock again. Instead, He told Moses to speak to the rock, and water would come out. When Moses went to the rock, the people were complaining and murmuring so much that he became angry and struck the rock. In spite of disobedience, water flowed from the rock again.

The point God was trying to make was neither that water flowed from rock, nor that Moses disobeyed God in his anger. The point was the rock was Christ as stated in the New Testament. God had instructed Moses to speak to the rock. Speak, here means to command in faith for the rock to deliver water. Had Moses spoken to the rock he would have still got water. Jesus, is that Rock. All we need to do is speak- you just speak and living water flows to you.

Noted Pastor E. W. Kenyon said, “The reason the majority of Christians are weak, though they are earnest, is because they never dare to make a confession of who they are in Christ.” As Children of God we need to speak, speak the WORD of God to others, say it to comfort yourself and the others, we need to confess our FAITH in Him, and when we begin to speak from wherever we are, which ever position we are in, which ever state we are in, things begin to happen, move and shake, and even if you don’t see them moving immediately, it doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. Our God does not promise us a life full of comfort. There would be sea of troubles around us, but when these problems and troubles attack us, we would be able to confront and defeat them with faith in our heart and the Word in our mouth!


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