Weekly Events

Sunday School:

In order to help develop children into responsible youths and to help them grow in the fear of God, the Church conducts Sunday School every Sunday at 9 am.Children of different age are divided into groups and are taught about moral and spiritual living through examples and illustrations from the Holy Bible.The Sunday School sessions are conducted in Hindi and English languages.

Youth Meetings:

Bible teaches, Remember your creator in the days of your youth. The church conducts youth meetings, often called as Ablaze – Youths of fire every Sunday at 5:30 pm. Youths gather for an open forum discussion and worship. Several practical issues, teen issue, spirituality and Living topics are discussed during the meet. The meeting has proven to be a life cell for hundreds of youths in the city. The youth meeting are conducted in Hindi and English languages.

Sunday Worship:

Sunday worship meetings are conducted in both Hindi and Malayalam languages. Join in for a spirit filled experience every Sunday 9:00 am IST

Intercession & Bible Study:

Prayer is a powerful weapon and a medium to communicate with God. Every Saturday we have intercession prayer meeting combined with Bible Study at 8 pm IST. The meeting is conducted mainly in Hindi and Malayalam.